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BIYOMAP BV is well known for the accessible and environmentally friendly way of packing art, for transport as well as storage. You can share this vision with your network as an Affiliate partner of Biyomap! Earn your commissions by promoting the Biyomap products. Together we strive for a cleaner art industry, which you will be rewarded for.

Why Biyomap?


Biyomap is well known in over 20 countries, in 4 continents.


Thanks to our 15 years of existence, the Brand made a huge growth.

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Customers rate BIYOMAP with an overall 4.8 stars out of 5.

Affiliate partner

As an Affiliate partner, you receive a 15% (!) monthly commission over the products sold through your own marketing. This applies to all the products that are available in the BIYOMAP webshop.

Are you in for a good start? Our advice is to motivate your prospects with the BIYOMAP Starterpack. A well-priced package with all sizes and a FREE Biyostrap included.

*The commission will be calculated over the sales, shipping cost excluded.


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