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"I am very satisfied with the Biyomap, bubble wrap belongs to the past. It is easy in use and eventually way cheaper! I get a lot of positive responses from clients and galleries.”

Robbert Fortgens, artist.



"Great product! It saves me a lot of work and it looks very good. Besides this, when folded the Biyomap is very space-saving.”

P. Ticheler, artist, Amsterdam.



"I am very satisfied with the Biyomap. Since we pack all of our paintings with the Biyomap, both in transport and storage, no damages have occurred. Besides this, all of my clients are very happy with the use of the Biyomap as protection. We will definitely keep on using the Biyomap, the bubble wrap has got to go!”

Clemens Briels, artist, Heusden



"I am very pleased with this product: the way of packing is fast, neat, organized, easy and protective when transporting. Water-resistant when transporting on the roof of my car (personal experience). A great recommendation for everybody who has to transport paintings, pictures, lay-outs and presentations. Special requests are possible. Great company with great service and conditions.”                                                       

Rob Koedijk                                                                                                                          ________________________________


"We are very pleased with the Biyomaps, especially for their use at art fairs. The swift packing and unpacking saves valuable time and the folders take up little storage space. It looks a lot more professional than environmentally unfriendly bubble wrap, and it can be used over and over again! A good investment for galleries like ours”.

Galerie Muskee, Groningen.                                                                                                                          ______________________________

"Thank you, thank you, thank you....................and thank you! What a great product that is going to make my life so much easier! I will also be letting as many people  know about them as I can.I have my first Solo exhibition in October and have started thinking about how to get my artwork to the Gallery, and I came across your product this morning which has made me very happy!!! Great product :o) 

Steve Miles Artist

The Biyomap, the new environmentally friendly packaging for paintings.  Direct order > 
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